The Specialist Team

Dental treatment has evolved a long way in the past ten years.

We were one of the first specialist teams dedicated to delivering a TOTAL SPECIALIST DENTAL SOLUTION in-house . This means that the patient does not have to go from one set of rooms and one specialist to another venue – and that the co-ordination of treatment and integration of complex treatment plans could be handled with the minimum time delay and maximum efficacy!

Our team has various members

The Dentist(s) who do the routine dental checkups, fillings and more!
Periodontist – Dr Thomas Gahan handles the foundations, gum treatment and Implant Dentistry
Prosthodontist – Dr Nicol Mentz – – all the big crown and bridge cases
MaxilloFacial – Bad wisdom teeth, implants and minor oral surgery
Hygienists- Keep things clean and teach you how to care for the pearly whites
Orthodontists – Dr Chris Greeff and Dr Mark Jackson – get the teeth straight, open spaces for implant teeth where necessary and generally improve aesthetics and alignment making the teeth easier to clean and maintain.
Treatment Co-ordinator – Mrs. Debra Joyce makes sure we all stay on the straight and narrow – she is the orchestra leader!

Please contact our practice coordinator if you have any problems reaching us at any of the practice locations.

Debra (+44) 07912 988082
Twickenham Dental Care
Milton Keynes
100 Chiswick High Road – Tel 0208 994 1022
Wellesley Road Dental Practice – Tel 0208 944 9292
Highgate Dental Centre – Tel 0208 340 4878
Twickenham Dental Care Centre – Tel 0208 744 1944
Brooklands Dental Clinic –  Tel  01908 235124