Our Scope of Work


The American Dental Association recommends that all children should have had an orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven!

Not necessarily to correct things at this stage – but to identify whether there are any problems developing, which could benefit from early intervention.


Adults require orthodontics for many reasons
Aesthetics is often a prime concern
Problems with the bite
TM Joint problems
Assisting the dentist to position teeth so BETTER crown and bridge therapy can be carried out

Functional Appliances

In some cases it may be possible to improve the growth of the teeth and jaws. It is sometimes possible to help these patients – not always completely – but it may reduce the amount of treatment which may required at a later date

Fixed Braces ( also known as railway Tracks)

We use all of the latest types of braces which also include
Self -ligating brackets,
Aesthetic / Clear ceramic brackets
invisible – or lingual bracket systems (Behind the teeth)

Removable Braces

Not used much unless VERY mild cases
We are also certified to do Invisalign


Essential to maintain the teeth in position after orthodontic treatment has made them straight

Jaw Surgery ( Orthognathics )

We work with a number of Maxillo-Facial and Plastic Surgeons to remedy jaws that may be in the wrong place!

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